Meet Daniel Whitworth, a compassionate life coach whose diverse and extensive background has equipped him with valuable skills and insights to guide you on your journey. Daniel's experience includes 11 years as a US Navy officer on a submarine, where he honed his leadership, adaptability, and decision-making abilities under high-pressure situations. His military background instilled in him the discipline and commitment necessary to excel in various areas of life.

Daniel's passion for helping others led him to over a decade of ministry work, serving as both an executive and senior pastor. This rich experience has given him a deep understanding of empathy, communication, and the power of personal connections. His time in ministry allowed him to mentor and guide individuals from diverse walks of life, providing the foundation for his exceptional life coaching abilities.

As a self-taught web programmer and tech-savvy individual, Daniel brings innovation and practical insights into the ever-evolving digital world. His resilience in overcoming personal challenges, such as an early divorce, and now enjoying a fulfilling 18-year marriage with his devoted wife, Nicole, reflects his strength and dedication to personal growth. Together, they homeschool and parent their six children, skillfully balancing their roles as both educators and caretakers.

Daniel's vast experiences in the Navy, ministry, and family life make him a uniquely qualified life coach to support you in navigating your personal and professional endeavors. His dedication to helping others and his unwavering commitment to personal growth ensure that Daniel is the ideal partner to guide you in unlocking your full potential and achieving your goals.

Daniel offers a free 90 minute coaching session to serious applicants on a limited basis.  If you would like to work with Daniel, click the button below.

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